Step into a world that embraces a way of living built on
cooperation and respect for each other and the world around us.

We are a reflection of what we believe is possible in real life. Whether you’re someone looking for a diverse and engaging community, a student studying the impact of fossil fuel production, or a professional looking for a virtual workplace Etopia has it all.

In 2020 Etopia became the property of the Brain Energy Support Team. Together Etopia & BEST blend the needs of a marginalized population of individuals with cognitive challenges with the vibrancy of an engaged community.

From the moment you enter Etopia Plaza you’ll experience a community like no other, built on core principles of regenerative living, cooperation, and the best way to support the collective good. And we’re a lot of fun! From our Weakly Bored Meatings to our annual Talk Like A Pirate Day to our Earth Day Celebration you’re bound to find something that will keep you interested and involved.

Visit Etopia and learn how you can take some of our ideas and apply them to the real world.

Plastics. Jon Oliver Does It Again.

At Etopia we know that while there’s a lot we can do to reduce our personal footprint, there’s a lot that isn’t. Controlling personal plastic consumption is. For example, we can choose to shop at food cooperative or other store that offers bulk-buying (which btw can be done correctly even during a pandemic) or buy and store items in glass (reusable and will save you tons of money). What happens to the plastic already out there and the continued production of the stuff isn’t. And that’s where this terrific video from Last Week Tonight’s Jon Oliver is a must watch.…

Gosau Dachstien SL Offers More than Holiday Shopping

I don’t often write about other regions, but this place is AMAZING! Gosau am Dachstein in SL has all the elements of a perfect winter experience. There’s a fun little market when you first land. Santa stands there with his list and checking it twice. The market booths have traditional and fun gift ideas along with some standard SL fare. I especially enjoyed the treats and holiday spirit of the market. The fun thing is that there is someone nearby to welcome you, share information about the real Gosau am Dachstein in Austria, and to answer questions. As I strolled…

Harvest Party With Our Etopia BESTies!

We know that because of COVID many Americans could not spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends as in past years. So, we hosted the BEST Etopia Harvest Celebration in Second Life. Friends of BEST and Etopia came from across the grid and around the world to celebrate friendship, the bounty of our harvest, and the preciousness of life. Guests from across the US shared how enjoyable it was to spend time with friends because otherwise, they would have been alone and isolated. Some people in our community who logged in and joined us for the festivities live in…

A Little Green Living At Inspiration Island

Have you ever wanted to visit a place in Second Life that was about health, but fun? The folks at Whole Brain Health in Second Life have done just that at Inspiration Island. They have over 60 engaging and informative spaces on four different levels. Some of their activities are self-paced and others are facilitated. From discussions and hands-on building activities to workshops and regular music events you just might miss the fact that everything is focused on wellbeing and having a healthy brain. (Be sure to visit the Brodmann Brain … one of my favorite areas) Wisdomseeker and her…