Welcome to our community listing. We are proud of our residents and their contributions to the richness of our community.

Below you’ll find information about our residents and links to their websites.

The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2008. The mission of BEST is to provide support, advocacy, public awareness, education, and socialization opportunities to individuals with a brain injury and their families. BEST distinguishes itself from other brain injury organizations in that the leadership, services, and programs are built by and for individuals with brain injury and their families. Be sure to visit the BEST SL office at Etopia Plaza near the Main Landing Area.

Peninsula College is located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State USA and has a campus at Etopia featuring online classes in Multimedia Communications taught by artist, instructor, and one of our favorite superheroes, Renne Emiko Brock. Peninsula College prides themselves in their diverse methods of delivering quality education; “At Peninsula College, learning is not confined to enclosed classrooms or the lecture hall.” Find out how you can join in the learning experience by contacting Zinnia Zauber in world. Be sure to visit these links to learn more.

Dani DJ Photo DJ Dani! rocks the house with tunes you’ll love to hear. Since 2007, when Dani joined Second Life, the most satisfying times have involved good friends and interesting projects, ones that open new avenues of creativity.  An important and very special project has been landscape design and estate management at her home sim, Penelope. Being a DJ and sharing music with my friends is another long time ambition which has finally come to fruition. A long time member of the Etopia family her message to fellow Etopians is, “I hope you will enjoy the shows I’m putting together.”
2014EnergyLab EnergyTeachers.org host the Sustainable Energy Lab. Solar Sierra and Windy Schor, represents USA charity and build virtual objects that demonstrate real-life technologies, and hold meetings and discussions between educators and interested people. Windy uses the realistic wind that blows through Second Life regions to develop methods for gathering statistics about wind. She also develops novel ways of using 3D graphics to visualize wind statistics. Solar builds solar cookers and other solar devices that explore typical and special ways to build them. Windy and Solar are currently planning to offer EnergyTeachers.org’s annual Green Dollhouse Challenge in Second Life. Visit our Sustainable Energy Science Lab in Second Life on Etopia Island.

PUT IMAGE HERE GoLocalSolar is a Northwest USA initiative to better serve the local communities with green jobs, sustainable living spaces, clean food, fresh water and fresh air through the use of solar and it’s various applications. We’ve produced a growing list of solar projects that need doing to help sustain our communities. We invite you to join us help the local people make the communities around the world a better place to live, work, and play through solar.
Kayly Iali’s Gallery is filled with her real world artwork at great SL prices. Kayly is a real world oil painter and brings her work to SL for us to enjoy. Stop by her gallery near the Coastal Village landing area on Etopia Prime.Kayly has several websites where you can find her work: