Engaged Education At Etopia

Etopia is about education and community. We never miss an opportunity to engage in either or both. I see this every day whether Wraith is sharing information about mediation techniques or Patrick is showing off the bike shop to a new visitor. So it’s no surprise that one of our favorite fans, Zinnia Zauber, brought (more…)

Etopia Fans The Flame For Education

My passion for nonprofits, education, and creative uses of online tools for greater effectiveness and impact come together in my Second Life project; Etopia. I’m so proud to have Etopia featured in the January 2016 issue of Eclipse Magazine; http://bit.ly/1JbuRDC For those unfamiliar with Second Life, it’s a virtual environment in which users interact with (more…)

DIY For Warmer Feet This Winter

Winter is here, both in our first lives and at Etopia. For most of us the Etopia winter is mild and doesn’t require the winter gear of our first lives unless, like me, you have a ton of brand new mesh sweaters and boots. But if in your first life you have a great pair (more…)

Kicking Off The New Year!

Have you seen the clock tower? Taken a wagon ride to Etopia’s coastal village? Or taken an inner-tube down the mountain off Eagle Peak? If you haven’t visited Etopia in a while now is the time to stop by. We’ve revamped and updated many of your favorite areas. We’ve got paddle boats, self-guided sailboats docked (more…)