Three Easy Ideas To Celebrate Earth Day

Each year since 1970 Earth Day has been a way to raise awareness of the need for humans to care for our non-human relations. That might sound a little hokey, but research has shown that As climate threats continue to grow their impacts become ever-present in our lives there are many who argue that the (more…)

DIY For Warmer Feet This Winter

Winter is here, both in our first lives and at Etopia. For most of us the Etopia winter is mild and doesn’t require the winter gear of our first lives unless, like me, you have a ton of brand new mesh sweaters and boots. But if in your first life you have a great pair (more…)

You Are What You Eat

I found this wonderful article in my recent newsletter from the Tacoma Food Coop. I love this place nestled in a bustling neighborhood on 6th Ave in Tacoma WA. If you’re in the area it’s well worth a stop and shop. Please note I hijacked this article and do not, yet, have permission to share (more…)