Plastics. Jon Oliver Does It Again.

At Etopia we know that while there’s a lot we can do to reduce our personal footprint, there’s a lot that isn’t. Controlling personal plastic consumption is. For example, we can choose to shop at food cooperative or other store that offers bulk-buying (which btw can be done correctly even during a pandemic) or buy (more…)

Zoom Zoom? Nah.

I know many of us were using Zoom for work. I wasn’t as excited about it as most folks, but I recommended it as an easy to use, stable video meeting platform. Until last week, that is. If you’re not aware of the deep pile of virtual doo-doo Zoom found itself pretty much buried in (more…)

Celebrating Online Connections

While in the real world, the spread of COVID-19 has many, including myself, concerned about how it will affect them and their families, and more and more people are moving their work, meetings, and social connections to digital platforms I am celebrating our community in SL. And to celebrate the connections, friendships, and love that (more…)

Lab Gab For SL Insights

Being at home 24/7 may be frustrating for some, but, for me, it’s been an opportunity to tick off home projects from my list, read that pile of journals and magazines, and to catch up on things in SL. I don’t mean Etopia, but the larger Second Life world. So while most folks are binging (more…)