Zinnia Zauber; Real World Art Star!

We all love Zinnia’s designs from her Hue Are You shop on Etopia Plaza. You may have visited Etopia Peninsula where she hosts a virtual campus for her Peninsula College students. Maybe you attended one of her many colorful and insightful presentations If you’ve attended her presentations throughout SL over the years you know what (more…)

Aye Matie, The Pirates Rose Again At Etopia

Our annual Speak Like A Pirate celebration took place Thursday, 21 September. Dani DJed with a great selection of music and we danced till our virtual boots fell off. I, like so manyof you, have, over the years, bought into the romanticism surrounding the pirate life. I know the truth is brutal, violent; filled with (more…)

Harvest Party With Our Etopia BESTies!

We know that because of COVID many Americans could not spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends as in past years. So, we hosted the BEST Etopia Harvest Celebration in Second Life. Friends of BEST and Etopia came from across the grid and around the world to celebrate friendship, the bounty of our harvest, (more…)