What’s more fun than hunting for prizes? Finding them!

Our Etopia Earth Day Hunt for 2020 is filled with fun gifts scattered across four of our themed regions.

  • 7 are on Etopia Island
  • 5 are on Etopia Prime
  • 5 are on Etopia Quest
  • 3 are on Esho Funi

Each gift can be found within an earth globe. The globes are not hidden and are easy to spot as you wander Etopia. The purpose of the hunt is to draw you into exploring Etopia not frustrate you.

Here are some hints for each of the globe locations. Check here if you get stuck.

  1.  Malcom has a lot to say to the world. Are you ready to listen?
  2.  At the bar or out back, the world of Cheers doesn’t stand a chance once you’ve spent time at this Etopia bistro.
  3.  Nonprofits share information across Etopia, but if you’re near Morrigan’s Vegan Cafe you’re bound to see the world.
  4.  Pagen rituals and elven music, fill the air around this tree.
  5.  Bamboo bikes have to be made somewhere.
  6.  See the world from an eagle’s point of view.
  7.  Art from this painter is worth collecting.
  8.  Chess is played around the world, but doesn’t have the heart of this game.
  9.  Large or small, where we hang our hat is home.
  10.  Looking at the world through rose-colored glasses doesn’t give you the view this spot does.
  11.  Panhandling on the beach isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but it’s a living.
  12.  Watch the world go by with this chill dude.
  13.  Black ink? Oh no!
  14.  Colorful and alive, this place is home to great diversity in the world.
  15.  Take a trip around Etopia on one of these water vehicles.
  16.  Contemplative and hidden from the world this quiet place is perfect for a restful afternoon.
  17.  Watch your step. It’s a long way down in this part of our world.
  18.  There are many places to meditate, but to take a nap, too?
  19.  The world gets washed away at this small tropical treasure.
  20.  Updated and packed with new activities there’s a world of discovery with energyteachers.org

Happy Earth Day and Happy Hunting!