Make Every Day Earth DayEtopia is 15 years old! And we’re celebrating with music, tours, games, discussions, and more. Be sure to check our calendar. We know a celebration isn’t any fun without some gifts and we’ve put together a special collection of goodies just for you.

The purpose of the hunt is to draw you into exploring Etopia. Since we have 7 regions it’s only fair to tell you that our Earth Day gifts are placed on the following 2 regions only …

8 are on Etopia Island
7 are on Etopia Prime

Each gift has a clue to find the next gift. Not familiar with Etopia? Be sure to get region maps annotated with key locations. They’re available at the News Stand at Etopia Plaza.

The gifts are are created for your enjoyment.

Happy Earth Day! Happy 15th Anniversary Etopia!

Let the games begin …

Your first gift is at the Visitor Center. Our Earth Week schedule of events is available there, too. We used haiku to share location hints with you. Here’s the haiku in the first gift which offers a hint for where Gift #2 is located.

start your journey here
look for clues along the path
next stop Resources

Gift #2 Haiku
It’s a walk from here
time for you to make some noise
Forest audience

Gift #3 Haiku
cross the bridge you must
to continue your Learning
further your goals too

Gift #4 Haiku
Nonprofits grow with their help
grab a coffee while you’re there
tai chi in the park

Gift #5 Haiku
winds blow East of Main
High above the sea it stands
learn a lot or not

Gift #6 Haiku
Trees and manatees
down below the water flows
nature’s Barrier

Gift #7 Haiku
go by foot, save gas
Bamboo Bikes are all the rage
sail from the dock too

Gift #8 Haiku
we recycle bikes
vino wrecks the best of us
Graves don’t help either

Gift #9 Haiku
skeletons do Dance
rattling bones to shake it up
never sitting still

Gift #10 Haiku
ruins guide our path
Looking over sea and surf
Sunrise seating here

Gift #11 Haiku
too much stuff stuff stuff
Local markets and Tiny homes
step back then scale down

Gift #12 Haiku
time for fun and Games
whack-a-mole and pinball too
beach bums love it here

Gift #13 Haiku
Kings and Queens live here
timed battles and free style play
first King caught loses

Gift #14 Haiku
aaargh! me matie there
Caves and water be secret
river Hide-aways

Gift #15
Thank you 🙂

Etopia Island Locations Map
Etopia Prime Locations Map