We all love Zinnia’s designs from her Hue Are You shop on Etopia Plaza. You may have visited Etopia Peninsula where she hosts a virtual campus for her Peninsula College students. Maybe you attended one of her many colorful and insightful presentations

If you’ve attended her presentations throughout SL over the years you know what an insightful and creative person she is. That’s only part of the reason I’m excited to let everyone know she was awarded the Sequim-Dungeness Chamber of Commerce’s 2023 Citizen of the Year. (FYI, Sequim is in Washington State USA.)

A letter of support proclaimed Zinnia is “an excellent teacher, a community advocate and a great role model for women” and that she “dreamed up an artist economy where one did not exist.”

High praise and, in this fan’s opinion, well deserved.

Since the 1990s, Zinnia (Renne Emiko Brock) has been actively creating, teaching, collaborating, mentoring, and presenting in both virtual worlds and in that other world known as “real life”. She has been teaching since 1993 and is the Multimedia Communications Program Coordinator at Peninsula College.

You can learn more about Hue Are You at https://www.hueareyou.com/.

I know we all raise a virtual glass of champagne with heartfelt wishes for continued success to our friend and Etopian shining star.