Earlier in November there was a brief post on the Radegast blog stating that updates to this gem of a third party viewer would end. If you’re not already familiar with Radegast, it’s a light-weight graphic-free, but feature-rich viewer for Second Life and Open Sim.

Why is this important? For those with visual impairments, poor internet connections, older computers, or any number of physical and cognitive challenges Radegast is the way to engage in world. Among its many features are speech to text and text to speech tools that can be integrated with other devices such as braille screen readers.

So, when Vivox updated the voice program Linden Labs uses in the SLViewer there wasn’t anyone to update the Radegast viewer. Thanks to Gentle Heron of Virtual Abilities and Beq Janus the word got out and Cinder Roxley stepped up to the plate.

For the updated Radegast installer with voice visit; https://bitbucket.org/cinderblocks/radegast. There are additional downloads, but this is all you need for a clean install for your PC.