She sings yo ho swab de deck
and give me cheek a lil peck
Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me…

The idea of being a pirate is a romantic vision of stories we’ve read as kids. Maybe even with a touch of Robin Hood mixed in. We don’t really have the salt air in our hair and the wind in our sails.

Unless you live at Etopia. Thanks to Dani (our game master and battle ref for the evening) we were once again able to live the carefree, adventurous, and even a bit reckless life of storied, fearsome, battle-worn pirates as we sailed the high seas of Etopia.


2016-0908-pirate-battle_007 2016-0908-pirate-battle_004 2016-0908-pirate-battle_006
2016-0908-pirate-battle_030 2016-0908-pirate-battle_024 2016-0908-pirate-battle_028

Last ship sailing? Pachuma was the winning pirate. Congrats mate for a battle well earned.

And off we sail into the night, me ship, me crew and me lass,
And all ye jealous buccaneers,  can kiss this captain’s… sash.

(poetry by Casarah Nance, 2015)