As I walk about Etopia the subtle changes of late Summer and early Fall are beginning to appear.  Autumn is here and so are the stars of SL. Stars of music, that is.

KATJA’s kicked off the cooler weather with two dynamic and entertaining musicians; Aminius Writer and The Vinnie Show. Here are some pics…

2016-0907-ka_010 2016-0907-ka_011 2016-0907-ka_001
2016-0907-katja_002 2016-0907-ka_004 2016-0907-katja_003

Missed it? Join Katja and friends Saturday, 10 September, at 1pm SLT for Maximillion Kleene.

Be sure to make some time in your schedule to enjoy the best of live music every second Wednesday of the month beginning at 11am SLT. There are many great venues in SL, but the best is KATJA’s at Etopia .