“There is something magical about music, it’s indescribable power to instill and bring forth emotions, thoughts and memories. Torben Asp has harnessed that magic in his musical compositions to emphasize feelings and visions to his attentive audience.”

That’s what Summer Serra felt about Torben’s music. And we did too at his concert at KATJA’s today.

The night sky was filled with color and energy as Torben’s celebration of our Earth embraced us in the most beautiful music and awesome particle show.

Torben-KATJAS_022 Torben-KATJAS_023
Torben-KATJAS_026 Torben-KATJAS_009
Torben-KATJAS_015 Torben-KATJAS_018

To learn more about Torben and his music visit his website, http://www.torbenasp.com.