A Little Green Living At Inspiration Island

Have you ever wanted to visit a place in Second Life that was about health, but fun? The folks at Whole Brain Health in Second Life have done just that at Inspiration Island. They have over 60 engaging and informative spaces on four different levels. Some of their activities are self-paced and others are facilitated. (more…)

50 Years of Earth Day

There are many concerns that going outside might infect us with the COVID-19 virus. That is especially true for close spaces with other people such as stores, offices, buses, planes, picnics, sporting events, and more. Not all of us can go out into the woods for a walk alone. Going for a walk in your (more…)

Harley Quinn Stops Tooth Decay!

Thanks to the vision of our “PersonNotInCharge”, Ginny, we have an advert for the ever popular Ginny’s Floss. This mainstay product for all healthy Etopians – along with the Nougat Bar – is a must-have in any virtual bathroom cabinet.     Thanks to Ginny, Sol, and Moss for their humor, talent, and time.

Zoom Zoom? Nah.

I know many of us were using Zoom for work. I wasn’t as excited about it as most folks, but I recommended it as an easy to use, stable video meeting platform. Until last week, that is. If you’re not aware of the deep pile of virtual doo-doo Zoom found itself pretty much buried in (more…)