Using Radagast? It’s been updated.

Earlier in November there was a brief post on the Radegast blog stating that updates to this gem of a third party viewer would end. If you’re not already familiar with Radegast, it’s a light-weight graphic-free, but feature-rich viewer for Second Life and Open Sim. Why is this important? For those with visual impairments, poor (more…)

LL Increases LI Limits

It’s been the talk of Second Life for a little more than a month. Linden Labs increased the limits on the Mainland earlier this month. As of today Private Estates, like Etopia, are seeing a 33% increase in prim allocation. This means that parcels across all of the Etopia regions will be able to enjoy (more…)

Live Music Lives Big At Etopia

As I walk about Etopia the subtle changes of late Summer and early Fall are beginning to appear.  Autumn is here and so are the stars of SL. Stars of music, that is. KATJA’s kicked off the cooler weather with two dynamic and entertaining musicians; Aminius Writer and The Vinnie Show. Here are some pics… (more…)