Torben Asp Celebrates Earth Day At KATJA’S

“There is something magical about music, it’s indescribable power to instill and bring forth emotions, thoughts and memories. Torben Asp has harnessed that magic in his musical compositions to emphasize feelings and visions to his attentive audience.” That’s what Summer Serra felt about Torben’s music. And we did too at his concert at KATJA’s today. (more…)

Etopia Supports Nonprofits

It’s a special month for many causes, but one that is personal for me is brain injury awareness. Last fall the Brain Energy Support Team launched their #5forsuperheroes campaign. Many of our residents supported this giving campaign and I am so grateful. Here’s the article BEST published on their blog; Check it out. Etopia (more…)

Engaged Education At Etopia

Etopia is about education and community. We never miss an opportunity to engage in either or both. I see this every day whether Wraith is sharing information about mediation techniques or Patrick is showing off the bike shop to a new visitor. So it’s no surprise that one of our favorite fans, Zinnia Zauber, brought (more…)

Etopia Fans The Flame For Education

My passion for nonprofits, education, and creative uses of online tools for greater effectiveness and impact come together in my Second Life project; Etopia. I’m so proud to have Etopia featured in the January 2016 issue of Eclipse Magazine; For those unfamiliar with Second Life, it’s a virtual environment in which users interact with (more…)