Kayly Iali’s Gallery Is Back & Has New Work!

Kayly Iali is back!! If you haven’t visited Kayly’s Gallery at the Etopia Coastal Village you’re missing out on a real gem.  Kayly is a real world oil painter and brings her work to SL for us to enjoy. Her story is inspiring and, for many of us, very familiar. She graduated college in 1979, (more…)

Earth Day 2017 Press Release

**** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE **** Earth Day, first celebrated in 1970, has grown to be an international phenomenon. Events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection and celebrate our life-giving Mother Earth.   Etopia Eco-Communities is celebrating 10 years in Second Life with our Earth Day & 10th Anniversary Celebration. And everyone is (more…)

Happy Holidays and bye bye 2016

There’s a lot happening at Etopia. Some of the best places and activities are just out of view so turn the corner, or dive into the bay. To get you started the Holiday Penquin placed 20 clones around Etopia Island, Etopia Prime, and Etopia Quest. No clues, no LMs, no hints, just an opportunity to (more…)